About Rio Tinto

Rio Tinto has a 60,000 strong workforce, across more than 40 countries focused on finding, mining and processing mineral resources.  Our vision is to be a company respected for delivering superior value, as the industry’s most trusted partner. Our operations give us the opportunity to create mutual benefits within the communities, regions and countries in which we work, with the safety and wellbeing of everyone who comes in contact with our business being our primary concern. Rio Tinto is constantly looking to innovate, and partner with the world’s best to ensure we are always learning and improving.

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Partnership with the Centre for Safety

In 2013, Rio Tinto became a founding partner of the Centre for Safety (C4S), signing a long term education partnership with The University of Western Australia. The partnership aims to foster collaboration between researchers, industry and government to solve complex safety challenges. Together, Rio Tinto and the C4S are committed to having a  major impact on safety in the resources sector through better understanding of how human and organisational factors interact with technology, industrial processes and the environment. 

So far this partnership has resulted in a number of initiatives:

  • C4S researchers presenting health and safety masterclass seminars for Rio Tinto employees (Visit our media page to view excerpts from these seminars).
  • Access to the latest safety research which Rio Tinto leaders and employees will be able to draw from (Visit our research translation page for more detail).
  • A Rio Tinto funded research fellow and postgraduate scholarship to support research in health and safety.
  • Research collaborations between the C4S and Rio Tinto aimed at tackling the specific health and safety risks faced by Rio Tinto's businesses.