Background and Research Aims

Within this project we are investigating leader behaviours and team processes in Incident Command Teams in oil and gas industry.

We have developed a multi-phase, mixed-method research design aimed at investigating the main leadership functions and team processes that relate to the effectiveness of incident command teams.

We have collected longitudinal data using behavioral coding of recorded emergency response high fidelity simulations, but we are also using semi-structured interviews with members and leaders of such teams to gain deeper insigths into the interplay between these factors. The project is still in data collection and data analysis stages, but preliminary results from video codings show that the way leaders perform functions for the team changes over time, with the highers frequencies happening at the beggining of an incident. Also, they indicate providing feedback as one of the most relevant functions performed by highly performant leaders.

Preliminary results from interviews add more details to these results higlighting the importance of self-regulation of leaders and the impact it can have on team processes. Overall, these data offer unique opportunities to understand the processes that lead to an effective management of an incident in oil and gas industry. 

Incident Command conference poster.pdf


Winthrop Prof. Mark Griffin
Prof. Gillian Yeo
Assistant Prof. Daniela Andrei


Relevant Papers: 

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