Background and Research Aims

During Nov – Dec 2012, the Accelerated Learning Laboratory @UWA worked closely with the International Mining for Development Centre (IM4DC) to design and deliver a 4-week intensive training course in Organisational Health and Safety for a group of 18 participants.

The research project had two aims:

  1. To examine participant's daily engagement during the program. This was done in order to inform the future design and delivery of effective training programs at IM4DC.

  2. To investigate what participants did post-training. This was done to understand how to better enhance the transfer of training back to the work place including the implementation of return to work plans.

How was this Research Conducted?

  • Observation of trainees
  • Post-training interviews

What was Discovered?

Results from these multiple forms of data collections suggested that participants were highly engaged in the program right from the outset.


Prof. Sharon K. Parker
Assistant Prof. Daniela Andrei


Relevant Papers: 

Parker, S.K., Andrei, D., Wang, L., Pearce, M.,  & Chapman, A. (2013). Facilitating Learning and Development during IM4DC Short Courses.  Research Report to The International Mining for Development Centre (IM4DC).