As part of the Risk Engineering Society's final event for 2016, Dr Ari Antonovsky (UWA Centre for Safety and Accelerated Learning Lab) was invited to give a technical presentation as a guest speaker.

Details of Dr Antonovsky's presentation follow:

The 3 Rs: Risk, Reliability and Resilience - What keeps our systems working?

Risk and reliability are two sides of the coin, but how does resilience fit in? As the recent film “Sully” shows, human resilience often provides the last barrier against disaster. In this presentation, we will consider how Reliability Engineering provides a means of dealing with technical risk, but of equal importance is the role that Human Factors has played in improving reliability in workplaces and reducing organisational risk. Aviation, Nuclear Power Generation and the Military have demonstrated that the antidote to Risk is not just Reliability, but also building Resilience in the workplace. That means developing a solid human factors focus.

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