As workplaces adjust to new Work Health and Safety laws, and as Australia’s resource industry continues to flourish, Work Health and Safety Professionals are increasingly in demand. If you’re interested in helping others, and are passionate about healthy and safe workplaces, then you should consider the Graduate Diploma in Work Health and Safety.

What knowledge and skills will I learn?

The Graduate Diploma in Work Health and Safety develops knowledge and skills in the scientific, behavioural, legal, and business aspects of Work Health and Safety.

Course units cover vital topics such as:

  • PSYC5515 - Organisational Development and Work Design
  • PSYC5830 - Occupational Health, Safety and Wellbeing
  • SSEH5687 - Physical Ergonomic
  • SSEH5688 - Introduction to Work Health and Safety (legislative and business imperatives)
  • CHEM4309 - Occupational Hygiene and Chemical Safety
  • PHYS5405 - Radiation Safety

To help students hit the ground running, there are a number of valuable opportunities for students within the course to network with industry representatives, and participate in practical placements. These placements allow students to get a feel of the industry by participating in work health and safety teams.

There are a number of well- recognised companies and organisations that students can choose to do placements with. Just a few include: Fortesque Metals Group, John Holland, Rio Tinto, Linfox, Atlas Iron and BGC.

Projects undertaken by students in the past at these placements include reviewing and revising risk assessments, designing processes for safe operations, workplace safety inspections and FIFO experiences on site with other safety and environmental professionals.

What can I do with this degree?

This graduate diploma will prepare you for work in a variety of sectors, including education, government and private.

Just a few of the exciting career opportunities include:

  • Safety and Health Manager
  • Ergonomists
  • Educator Roles within goverment departments such as Worksafe

Often, students will also gain employment opportunities with the organisations they completed their placement with. This is not an unusual case, as students gain so many practical skills and knowledge during their placements. 

Furthermore, the course is packed with enough content to satisfy the requisite knowledge for professional membership in a number of organisations.

What kinds of commitments do I have to make?

These days it's a fact that most people have to work and study at the same time.
The Graduate Diploma in Work Health and Safety is flexible and there are two options for completing the course:

Full Time: 1 year
Part Time: Up to 4 years


If you're interested in beginning your journey as a Work Healthy and Safety professional, or are looking to further your knowledge and skills in this area, then information is available on The University of Western Australia’s web site,