From time to time, the Centre makes available presentations by members of its team, either as slide shows, or video files. A selection of recent presentations is listed below.

Centre for Safety - The Future of Safety

The Centre for Safety was created as a result of the partnership between the University of Western Australia and one of the largest resource companies in Australia – Rio Tinto.
The Centre for Safety is dedicated to enhancing health and safety knowledge, and capability, through a multidisciplinary approach.  Working closely with a range of industries such as energy and mining, the Centre for Safety provides safety critical companies with cutting edge safety practices and innovative research.

Safety Culture - Why does it matter?

This short video put together by Rio Tinto explains the basics of Safety Culture, and why it is a critical aspect for any organisation to consider when safety is a priority.
This main points illustrated in this video were part of a seminar that Professor Mark Griffin presented for Rio Tinto employees on Safety Culture on the 2nd August 2013.
Safety behaviours should be part of a bigger picture – safety culture, so the question is: How can we create a safety culture that people want to be part of? Culture is a shared experience expressed throughout behaviour and other actions. In safety culture, this means understanding the key safety behaviours, and how they contribute to a shared value for safety.

Safety Capability - An Organisational Necessity

This short video put together by Rio Tinto sums up the most important points from Professor Melinda Hodkiewicz’s seminar presentation to Rio Tinto employees on Safety Capability.
Safety capability is not just about the systems and processes that are in place in an organisation. There is an important interplay between the people of an organisation, the culture of the organisation, and the systems and processes in place in the organisation.

Safety and the Role of Human Factors

Rio Tinto employees attended a Human Factors seminar, hosted by Kellie Parker, general manager Operations Centre, Iron Ore, and Professor Andrew Neal from the University of Queensland. The seminar covered the basics of human factors, including situation awareness, mental workload, decision making, and the impact of work systems on the person. The seminar also discussed interventions to consider when designing and managing complex work systems.

A master class focusing on the Human Factors Analysis and Classification System was held for nominated professionals from Iron Ore, Argyle Diamonds and Dampier Salt.