The Centre for Safety is dedicated to providing meaningful insight on safety related issues throughout a range of industries. Here we provide a range of resources that will educate, inspire and motivate those who are also invested in the future of safety.

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Research Translations
The Centre for Safety exists not only to conduct practical and industry relevant research, but also to ensure that the outputs of research can be put to use. We believe that the best type of research is the type that can be used to generate tangible benefits for people, organisations and industries. Here you will find some the Centre for Safety's research translated into materials that are easily digestible, engaging, and useful.

The Centre for Safety team are experts in communicating and engaging with a wide range of audiences on safety related topics. These include a series of safety seminars conducted at Rio Tinto, aimed at supporting learning and development, and offering flexible education opportunities to Rio Tinto employees.

Research Publications
At the Centre for Safety, applied scientific research form the basis of our approaches and strategies. The Centre and it's associated staff regularly publish research articles on important safety related issues.