The Centre creates and supports opportunities for industry to engage with and inform practical research, while also providing industry access to the wealth of knowledge and expertise that lies within universities

Ways to collaborate with the Centre:

Research programs: Collaborative research partnerships between industry, government and universities 

  • Evidence based and innovative solutions for industry partners 
  • Developing further research capability in the field of safety

Education opportunities: supporting the future practitioners and professionals in safety

  • Post-graduate scholarships for safety research
  • Industry input in non-safety specific degrees e.g. Bachelor of Engineering for the promotion of safety e.g. guest speakers, case studies
  • Input into the development of flexible H&S courses that address industry needs

Knowledge transfer: world leading training and access to expert opinion 

  • Consultation from expert safety researchers 
  • Safety forums with industry, government and researchers
  • Centre for Safety resource website

Read about one of our successful partnerships: C4S and ERGT Australia


Industry Collaborators

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Industry Sponsors

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University & Research Institution Collaborators