Business School
BA PhD Qld
Area of expertise/Research Interests: 
  • Goal orientation
  • Self-regulation
  • Team processes
  • Incident command
  • Individual differences

Gillian Yeo is currently Associate Professor (Human Resource Management and Organisational Behaviour) at the UWA Business School. She completed her PhD in 2003 at the School of Psychology, University of Queensland. She then spent two years as a postdoctoral research fellow and three years as a Lecturer in Organisational Psychology at the University of Queensland before moving to UWA.

Her research concerns relationships among individual differences, situational factors and performance over time and across levels of analysis. She conducts this research in the laboratory (examining the factors that influence skill acquisition) and in the field (primarily relating to personnel training). Her laboratory research focuses on micro relationships among individual differences and task performance during skill acquisition using a variety of complex air traffic control simulations. Her field research builds on her laboratory studies by investigating similar relationships at a macro level, primarily in a personnel training context. Gillian leads a research project revolving around team leadership and team processes/emergent states and effectiveness of incident command teams in oil and gas industry.

Gillian’s research program has also allowed her to develop expertise in multilevel analysis.

Download translations of Dr. Yeo's research

Conference Poster - Leadership for Effective Incident Command
Conference Poster - Exploring Compliance Behaviours and Effective Maintenance Practices
Infographic - Compliance: It's more than following the rules!

Related Research Projects

Research Grants

How leaders integrate safety goals for employees to build adaptive safety capabilities in organisations.
Griffin, Yeo, Day, & Gibson (2012).
Australian Research Council Discovery Grant. $320,000 over 3 years.

Evaluation of Common Safety Training Program.
Yeo, Day, Griffin & Loft (2012).
Emergency Response Group Training. $20,000 for 2 years

Managing Safety vs. Productivity in Safety Critical Contexts.
Yeo, G., Day, D., Griffin, M. A. (2010).
UWA Business School Research Development Award. $15,000 for 12 months.


Key Papers

Yeo, G., Frederiks, E., Kiewitz, C., & Neal, A. (in press). A Dynamic, Self-Regulatory Model of Affect and Performance: Interactions between states, traits and task demands. Motivation and Emotion.

Andrei, D., Yeo, G., Griffin, M., Van Drumpt, E., & Day, D. (2013). Leadership Functions in Action Teams: Differences across Phases and Time. In Yeo, G. & Andrei, D. Leadership and team processes in safety-critical environments. Symposium Presented at the 28th Annual Conference of the Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Houston, Texas, 11-13 April.

Grech, M.R., Neal, A., Yeo, G., Humphreys, M., Smith, S. (2009).  An Examination of The Relationship Between Workload and Fatigue Within and Across Consecutive Days of Work: Is the Relationship Statis or Dynamic? Journal Of Occupational Health Psychology, 14, 3, Pp. 231-242. 

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