School of Psychology
PhD TU/e, MSc UCM, MSc TU/e
Area of expertise/Research Interests: 
  • Human factors and safety management
  • Errors and error management
  • Near miss reporting
  • Work practices vs. work procedures

Lisette obtained her PhD from Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands in January 2004. Her PhD research focused on near misses and minor incidents, investigating the recovery steps taken in these events that kept them from developing into more severe accidents. She also holds an MSc in Industrial Safety Management from the University of Central Missouri (1995) and an MSc in Industrial Engineering and Management Science from Eindhoven University of Technology (1994).

Lisette’s main area of expertise is that of human factors in safety management, focusing on the fit between human capabilities and the tasks, equipment and environment people interact with. She has worked in research, training and consultancy in a variety of industrial settings across Europe and Australia, including chemical industry, oil and gas, mining, rail transport, and hospital settings.

Currently, Lisette is lecturer at UWA in occupational safety, health and wellbeing and is involved in a Centre for Safety research project investigating effective maintenance work practices in the mining sector.

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Infographic - Compliance: It's more than following the rules!
Conference Poster - Exploring Compliance Behaviours and Effective Maintenance Practices
Conference Poster - Safety Capability

Related Research Projects

Key Papers

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