The Centre for Safety at the University of Western Australia (UWA) was established in 2013 in recognition of the importance and complexity of safety issues in growing economies. The Centre for Safety is dedicated to creating new insights that improve the safety of people and systems in high-risk environments.

Leading Safety

Major industries such as energy, mining, transport, and health must manage high-risk activities in complex environments. Major safety events have a devastating impact on people, industry, and the environment. Although safety has improved over recent decades, catastrophic accidents continue to occur and the number of workplace fatalities remains unacceptably high.

In addition, new challenges for safety are appearing as complexity and uncertainty increase in all areas of work. It is now more important than ever to understand the human and organizational factors that create safe systems.  

The Centre for Safety at UWA works closely with a range of industries, particularly energy and mining, where a strong safety culture, high reliability, and prevention of major accident events are essential. The Centre generates innovative research in the field of workplace safety. We draw on the collaborative expertise and diverse disciplinary experience of researchers and industry.

The Centre is physically located in the Accelerated Learning Laboratory (ALL@UWA) at UWA. The ALL@UWA is a specialist facility for the development of leaders, managers and professionals at all levels and in all types of organisations. The Centre provides unique tools to help to build a strategic understanding of safety within complex organisations, and a focus on how leaders prioritise safety, balance trade-offs between safety and productivity, and build a positive safety culture.