School of Psychology
BSc W.Aust.
Area of expertise/Research Interests: 
  • Safety Culture
  • Situational Judgement Tests
  • Psychometric Assessment
  • Training Design & Evaluation

In her academic career to date, Karina Jorritsma’s primary research activities have been concerned with identifying the underlying causes of accidents in high-risk industries. Specifically, her research has focused on identifying the way in which individual, team, supervisory, and management work characteristics interact to influence safety attitudes and behaviours, and ultimately how these factors predict safety outcomes. In addition to purely academic work, Karina has also actively engaged in the translation of research findings into practice and has been recruited as an organizational consultant to develop employee surveys and targeted interventions in a wide range of industries, including health care, mining, fire and emergency services, law enforcement, and the Royal Australian Navy. This work has required her to make use of her statistical and methodological skills to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of various organizational initiatives.

Karina is currently the Co-Director of the Accelerated Learning Lab and Collaboratory Leader of the Centre for Transformative Work Design.

Key Papers

Hanssen (Jorritsma), K., Morrison, D., Schmitt, M. (2001). Individual and organisational factors affecting risk exposure to medical mishaps. 4th Industrial and Organisational Psychology Conference, Carlton South, Victoria, 53, pp. 78.